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getfreedental   in reply to mrscarroll
Hmmmm ... this is giving me an idea. I wonder if I could get a few local groups to sponsor families in other parts of the country. The items would need to be shipped or perhaps they could provide gift cards to a local store?
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mrscarroll   in reply to getfreedental
Thanks tho
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mrscarroll   in reply to getfreedental
I live in Bonne terre mo I have asked everyone churches vfw amvets all no one can help cuz my kids r so small or they don't have funds
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Hello Kayla ... where are you located (city, state)? There are many organizations that can be of help. I helped a local church deliver various items throughout the season last years. People in need could sign-up for sponsorship. Take care and God bless.
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woman in a shoe
Hi there a public post i put up today with the places that help with Christmas so please look though the post
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